Photo Update

(Left) Day 1 of Isagenix (Right) Day 35 of Isagenix
It's a little horrifying to see the before and to be sharing on the worldwide web, but I should be proud!!! The after photo was taken about a week and half ago. I am still on the Cleanse and still dropping those inches!


New Dirty Little Secret

Amelia took this photo this morning. Skinny jeans-CHECK!
Wednesday night I took Amelia to swim class with Everly who is young and eats all day long. She has these delicious organic crackers that she was carrying around. So I snuck three of them into my mouth. It's funny because I'm trying to quickly stick them in my mouth before anyone sees me. No one else there even knows I'm on the cleanse, so who am I hiding this temptation from? It's my new dirty little secret!  :)

After my 2-days of cleansing I am back on my shake days. I feel great! So excited to have a great tofu dinner tonight.


Bathing Suit Time-- :/

We had an amazing weekend. Saturday Amelia had her third running race and she came in third. She did great! I am so proud of her.

Later that day I put Everly in the BOB and we went on a run. I ran so well and felt so great! My running legs are coming back finally. Saturday afternoon we went to the lake and I put on my new hot pink bathing suit. I was a little self-conscious but it went well. I still haven't gotten used to my bigger boobs since having Everly but I should just enjoy them Adam tells me. :)  Here is a picture: It was the first time ever that Everly enjoyed the water and she just wouldn't get out, even with her lips changing to a pretty shade of purple.
Today and tomorrow are cleanse days so there will be no working out for me. I will do my squats and sit-ups before bed but that's it.


Cleansing and Throwing Stuff

Tuesday I started the deep two day cleanse. I basically don't eat for two days. I am usually not starving because I drink powered drinks Isagenix gives and it keeps you stabilized. But nothing can stabilize me when my husband and children bring home Taco Bell. Really??? It looked and smelled so delicious. Then Tuesday night when the kids were asleep Adam makes French Bread, mozzarella cheese and basil sandwiches, at 10 p.m. at night!!! Yes, I was so close to throwing something really hard at him.. But I didn't and instead had a bite. Damn husband.

Today, I am back to shake days and I am down 12 pounds and 23 inches. Which I know is great but I want to see more. I want to be in my bikini already. I am getting closer but I have never been one for patience. So now I'm about to begin work and I'll dream about my dinner all day. A black bean burrito with avocado. And I'll dream about my Victoria's Secret string bikini!


It's Time to Get Serious~Isagenix

As many of us I let the running slip away. I am competitive with myself and when I wasn't getting better in running I get mad and angry and quit. Probably not a good trait but it's what I am working with. I just began to really concentrate on eating right which was helping.

Then came, "The Trip From Hell"!!!! This trip back East didn't kill me but it made me fat. I tried not eat the first three days so I could avoid the Italian, fattening, greasy food but after three days I was famished. So after eating and the stress from "the event" which maybe I'll write about at a different time, I got fat. I brought back on that plane ride home an extra 10 pounds.

I started regularly attending "The Bar Effect" (No, you do not learn how to pole dance or be a stripper- even though strippers are making more than I currently do so I will not bash them) My muscles began growing but my belly fat from the kids and stress was here to stay. I suddenly got the urge to attend Bikram yoga.. Unfortunately, while researching this I discovered a horrible fact; when doing Bikram it's best to wear shorts and a sports bra because you get super hot. UMMM, I was not going to wear this get-up in public. So if I wanted to do Bikram, I had to shed some fat first. Yes, I have to loose weight before working out to loose weight. No, I'm not crazy.

Twenty-nine days ago I bought the expensive but highly recommended Isagenix. I was all in it and it was super easy at first. In 17 days I lost 9.5 pounds and over 18 inches.  But I am now watching my husband eat delicious food at 10 p.m. at night and cooking my children these delicious lunches and I am struggling. I am now down 22.8275 inches. But I want more, The competitive me wants and needs more!

I am now going to try to blog everyday of the next 30 day cleanse which starts on Thursday and also try to post pictures. And I am finishing up my 30-day squat challenge. I need another challenge, anyone???

Wish me luck that I don't kill my husband the next time its 10 p.m. and he is eating ice cream.


I'm Back

I am 7 weeks Post-Partum and back to running. I bought new shoes to mark this occasion. Nike's Lunar Glide! They are so cute adn most importnatly comfy but who says you cant look cute while running??!!??
I knew that getting back into the swing of things would be hard but WOW I didn't know how hard. My legs are so weak and my stamina sucks. But the thing that hurts me the most is my mind. It's my own worst enemy. Always has been.
I am going to the Rec Center, since it's snowy out  :( and I am running the treadmill (Which I don't normally do, I am a track girl) But the treadmill lets me time. So I walk a minute then run two minutes. I realized today my mind has to get back in shape. I find myself thinking about the kids or the hot guy down below playing ball... lol. I need to concentrate on my running not that.
Today I decided I would run 3 minutes instead of the 2 minute interval. And there were no hot guys around only old people walking the track, (It's Sunday, gray hair day I guess) But after 10 minutes my mind told me its too hard and I should stop and go home... So there o the treadmill surrounded by blue hair I had an argument with myself. The good Karin won and I stayed and 30 minutes later I let myself stop. I am getting somewhere, now if the pounds start dropping I'll be even happier. Everyday will be a challenge. Here is too tomorrow, 'Ab Day'!
Nike LunarGlide+ 3 Women's Running Shoe